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Who We Are

Elijeko Foundation Inc.
We are a nonprofit provider of free preventative health education, health promotions, and community medical outreach across Ghana
Our organization employs a community and evidence-based approach to health education by working with health care providers to create a platform that promotes dialogue into the need for preventive health education to eliminate common illnesses in Ghana.
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Elijeko Foundation Inc
Bringing quality healthecare closer to every community

My vision for Elijeko Foundation developed when I joined the United States Navy as a Hospital Corpsman and became increasingly aware of the need for preventive health education back home (Ghana).

Whenever I traveled back to Ghana, I was devastated to see how many people needed medical care for preventable and simple or minor illnesses. This foundation serves as the bridge of information by going to hard-to-reach communities with the knowledge on ways to prevent diseases and illnesses. Prevention is always BETTER than cure.

Mr. Andrews Kwabena Nyantakyi, Founder
Our Mission

To promote preventive health by providing free quality health education and care to those in need.

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